Beach volleyball trainings in English for foreign and Erasmus students and expats

Beach volleyball trainings in English for foreign and Erasmus students and expats

Daniel Kolouch - středa, 26. července 2023


Are you a foreign or Erasmus student or an expat who would like to stay active during their stay in the Czech Republic? Then we have just the thing for you! Introducing, beach volleyball trainings in English.

Beach Service offers beach volleyball trainings in english for all expats and foreign/Erasmus students who wish to join us. We operate and train in Prague, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Benešov and Pardubice. It doesn’t matter if you are a group or an individual, just contact us and all we will meet all your needs.  

Beach volleyball is a great way to meet new people while getting in that exercise. Our licensed and experienced traineirs will explain everything to you in English and tailor the training so that you enjoy it no matter what beach level you are currently on.  

Since we are eager to meet and get to know new people, we will be more than happy to invite you to sit with us and chat over a beer or whatever your jam is.  Beach Service is not solely about training. Our goal is to enable you to connect with other Czech/Erasmus or foreign students and maybe make friends for the rest of your life . Join the Beach Service Family! 

Our palette of services spans from beachvolleyball trainings, camps, tournaments to beach tennis, tennis and beach volleyball camp in Italy for anyone who wants to join.

Finding a fun and active hobby while your Erasmus or whatever educational stay was never easier. Contanct us whichever way you find the most convient, and we will take over from there.  

If you are interested in what we have to offer contact us on this email adress:, or via phone: +420733129473

See you at the beach! 

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