Beach Volleybal Camp in Italy with Beach Service

Beach Volleybal Camp in Italy with Beach Service

Daniel Kolouch - středa, 23. března 2022


Our beach volleyball club Beach Service annually organizes a training camp in Italy, specifically in Porto san Giorgio, which is a city located between Pescara and Ancona on the east coast of Italy.  

If you are a passionate player of beach volleyball and you are keen to improve your skills, this camp is just for you. However, if you want to enjoy a nice vacation at the beach with your family or friends and only play some volleyball for fun, you are more than welcome to join as well.  

There are two dates you can register for. First one starts on April 28th and ends on 6th of May. This one is designated mainly for more experienced players who are getting ready for the summer season of tournaments. The second one is held from 7th to 15th of June. It is supposed to accommodate primarily the needs of families with children. Nevertheless, if you are not able to make it to the date that fits your description, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss with you all the options available. There will be several variants of training plans to choose from. 

Your typical day will contain a morning training session followed by lunch break. One more training session is held in the afternoon and after that you are welcome to do whatever pleases you the most. It is important to mention that all the courts can be used at any time for friendly games, except for when trainings led by our coaches take place. The courts are rented exclusively for us. There is always one rest day, which you can spend either by actually resting, playing beach volley/tennis, or utilize any of the activities that Porto san Giorgio has to offer, like basketball, table tennis, trip to renaissance era city and many more. We usually spend the most of the evenings together grilling, having a picnic on the beach, or we simply enjoy the companies of each other either at our cabins or in local establishments. 

The accommodation is a camp build right next to the beach. There is a residence which holds several apartments with balconies for four people or there are many individual fully equipped cabins with porches for also four people. Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole camp. An excellent restaurant is situated within the camp and parents will surely appreciate an extensive children playground right next to it. We must also mention there is a shared grilling and lounge area, that can be used even during rain. Additional shared sanitary facility makes sure you can still get a hot shower even if, by any chance, your cabin runs out of hot water. For photos and more information, you can check out their official website

The accommodation is situated in a very comfortable walking distance from the courts, specifically about 300 meters. The nearest grocery store is located ten minutes away by foot or 3 minutes by car. There you will find everything you need to cook for yourselves, since food is arranged by everyone individually. Naturally, there are many specialized shops you can visit in Porto san Giorgio for some extra Italian ingredients. Also, our favorite gelato (ice cream) is located just a few blocks from our courts.  

In case of bad weather, we can move to a nearby city where they have indoor beach volleyball courts throughout the whole year.  

The cost of one 9-day camp is 8950 CZK. To summarize, the price includes accommodation, courts and coaches. On the other hand, the price does not include food, insurance and transportation.  

If you are interested in making some new friends and fun memories with us, contact us on our email address  

See you at the beach!  

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